Anatomy of Addiction

For those who have struggled with addictive behaviors, tendencies, motivations, and emotional patterns for years without knowing how to change them, the time has arrived to be more hopeful. For the energy of your deeper being is now capable of making itself felt so that the choices you have made in the past no longer need to be the choices you make in the present. In order to make this switch, there needs to be an understanding of how energies work within the body and within the psyche to influence motivation, and behavior. There also needs to be a realization, however partial, that in moving toward an addictive pattern, one is moving away from the pain of separation from the Divine that is one’s deepest being and truth. This booklet is an effort to clarify these fundamental principles, and to provide a basic guide to the future in which addictive behavior will no longer be needed because separation from the Divine will no longer be present. In its place will be the experience of Divine Love.

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